RawTag First Exhibition – Ruskin Gallery – Cambridge Sustainability Residency

RawTag first exhibition at the Ruskin Gallery at Anglia Ruskin University (31/July/2015) responded to Raw Catalyst Cambridge Sustainability Residency invitation to reflect on the topic of “Raw”. In particular, RawTag is an “encounter of stories weaved in a garment”.  The exhibition consisted of an interactive multi-media installation that was presented as a ‘triptych of situations’: … More RawTag First Exhibition – Ruskin Gallery – Cambridge Sustainability Residency

Why is this art?

Why this is art?   We are inspired by Borriaud’s altermodern art and the question about the social role of artists and our responsibility with contemporary issues such as climate change and sustainability. A number of artists have been concerned with social issues, and on the topic of sustainability. In particular, we use a combination … More Why is this art?

What is RawTag

What is RawTag RawTag is an educational art project aimed at exploring the encounter of narratives of production and consumption. For example, RawTag enquires about the stories weaved into a fashion garment: first, the wearer of the garment has memories and (Raw) emotions about that garment; and second, the garment itself can tell a story … More What is RawTag